Before COVID-19, businesses consistently looked for new ways to engage customers and improve the in-store experience. Many chose to invest in one of the most engaging mediums — the touch screen kiosk. This engaging experience did exactly what you wanted, brought in customers and made their in-person experience fun – while allowing the business owner to bask in the glow of investing wisely.

Fast forward a year….

Now, as businesses re-open, business owners find themselves questioning their investment that is not COVID-safe compared to other mediums. What do business owners do now?

Turn to the very thing that made touchscreens so experiential, technology!

A new solution called “FreeTouch” allows users to interact with touch screens using their smartphones. FreeTouch doesn’t require an app and it runs on both Apple and Android. It provides autonomous control of the touch screen through the same gestures and touch your customers were accustomed too. Best of all it is COVID-safe!

Give us a call today and let us show you how you can regain the use of your touchscreens and bring back the in-person customer experience.