Outdoor LED Screens

Choose Diablo Valley Signs for Your LED Digital Screens

Diablo Valley Signs has been vetting LED screen manufacturers for more than five years. We choose to work with U.S. based manufacturers to ensure high quality and compliance with federal and local standards and support. This enables more competitive pricing and savings to our customers when installing these capital intensive systems.

Our staff has been trained, and certified, to become experts in LED exterior digital signage content creation and installation.

Diablo Valley Signs works to deliver each exterior LED system at the most reasonable cost possible. Along with aggressive pricing, Diablo Valley Signs has several options for payment to help manage cash flow and ensure your business gains the full benefits of an exterior LED digital signage system.

The most important aspect of any sign is the actual message. It’s not just that it’s spelled right or the colors are accurate – it’s about conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time. Digital Signage is no different and in fact it’s even more important to have compelling content since it’s now on high definition screens. Diablo Valley Signs has been focused on content and messaging for over 40 years and has added dynamic content creation to our expertise. That’s what separates us from many other digital signage providers – our systems are great but our focus on content is even better and it’s what you should care about the most. As they say – Content is King and Diablo Valley Signs knows content.


Go Digital With Your Outdoor Sign


There is no more powerful, cost-effective tool for communication to your audience than your electronic outdoor signage. Use your sign to encourage action 24-hours a day.

Content That Gets Attention

An LED sign, sometimes called an electronic message center (EMC) or electronic reader board, stands out with eye-catching messages that can be tailored on a moment’s notice. It is your 24-hour vibrant communication tool, so creating effective messages is important.

To make the most of your investment, use your sign to display messages that encourage action. For retail locations, price and item advertising is an effective way to catch the attention of passersby. Service or community-related businesses will benefit from providing simple information such as the temperature or the date of an upcoming community event.

Whatever your business, consistent, accurate and timely information helps encourage your audience to rely on the sign and effectively turns your business into a landmark. And the best part is, changes and updates are quick and easy, with no manpower needed to manually change letters.