The evolution of signage has been a long journey. Once billboards were the wave of the future which morphed over the years to the evolution of digital signs. Wayfinding machines, digital screens, digital walls, digital billboards — you name it — we heard about it as the wave of the future! And then the pandemic hit…changing the game for good.

Similarly, the history of computers has changed drastically. Once only available for large companies to becoming a portable device people carry with them everywhere! Taking the computers’ history a step further – mobile phones are now the big player in the game for electronic devices – being used instead of computers for many tasks.

In the mix of everything from 2020, mobile devices and digital signage have come together to create a new technology for the evolving workplace environment.

Interactive kiosks have morphed into touchless kiosks managed by mobile devices. 2021 will bring even more change into this evolving space as businesses focus on re-opening, restructuring and creating a safe environment for everybody. These changes seem to be coming at lighting speed and will continue to move in the direction of mobile devices being the key to everything.