Digital Waiting Areas

Upgrade Your Lobby to Dynamic Digital Signage with Diablo Valley Signs

Diablo Valley Signs has been providing signage and marketing support to companies since 1971 – with an emphasis on digital displays since 2010. Our staff has been trained and certified to become experts in digital signage. We provide end-to-end solutions to meet your needs and will help you determine the best approach to digital signage to achieve your goals. Let Diablo Valley Signs help you navigate your digital signage upgrade.

The most important aspect of any sign is the actual message. It’s not just that it’s spelled right or the colors are accurate – it’s about conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time. Digital Signage is no different and in fact it’s even more important to have compelling content since it’s now on high definition screens. Diablo Valley Signs has been focused on content and messaging for over 40 years and has added dynamic content creation to our expertise. That’s what separates us from many other digital signage providers – our systems are great but our focus on content is even better and it’s what you should care about the most. As they say – Content is King and Diablo Valley Signs knows content.



4 Reasons Your Lobby or Waiting Area Should Have Digital Signage

Increase Efficiency: More Time for Staff 

Digital signs in waiting areas can answer frequently asked questions, which keeps employees on-task and able to process paperwork more effectively, without the interruptions. It is also time consuming to physically change static signs rather than updating a digital sign with relevant information.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times 

Sitting in any waiting area can feel like an eternity without entertainment. Waiting areas that offer digital signage help reduce the perceived wait time for guests, which means guests are happier! By using digital signage, guests can be provided with health tips, wayfinding information, frequently asked questions, and so much more.

Reduced Costs

Constantly changing static signs incur higher overall printing costs and labor costs for any business. Digital signage allows for new information, higher guest satisfaction and reduced communications cost – which means a bigger bottom line for your business.

Scalable for Any Size Business 

Whether your business is one location, or hundreds, digital signage is a scalable system for any size organization. Businesses can maintain one, consistent message across all locations through digital signage, while still allowing for individuality based on local needs.