Recently, we’ve talked a lot about how to re-open businesses. It’s beneficial to take a look at what other successful companies have done to effectively open their doors and utilize technology to their advantage. Chick-fil-A chose to use a drive-thru video chat kiosk for ordering. Let’s take a look!

“With how much COVID-19 has impacted face-to-face interaction and engagement, we were really looking for a solution that would allow our guests to still be able to see the faces of our team members during their transactions,” Ken Walsh, franchise owner, said in a press release. “Delphi’s solution was able to perfectly meet that request and it has allowed us to continue delivering an efficient experience without sacrificing personal interaction and service!”

Chick-fil-A had to develop a system from scratch that would be able to work outside with the elements of rain, snow and heat from the sun. This system had to be designed to work two ways with video and audio chat between the customer outside and the employee inside on an iPad. The uniqueness of this allowed customers to still be able to see the employee that they were speaking with in order to create a more engaging experience than talking only through microphone.

The personal interaction was a hit after people had craved personal interactions after being quarantined and sheltered in place in their home without outside human contact.