Digital Signage and Touchless Communication Centers have the same goal of information sharing for companies and consumers. The type of information that needs to be shared varies from needs like navigation, wayfinding, ordering and the streamlining of queues in a facility. In the midst of this pandemic, most people do not desire to spend any more time than necessary inside a building that is heavily populated. And many businesses are required to maintain a specific level of capacity, and social distancing which requires their patrons to become more time-efficient.

In an age where everything is digital, and information overload is typical, how do we communicate in a way that does not become overlooked? How do we create a balance between the need for eye-catching, directional signage that supports time-efficiency AND protect the environmental ambience desired for best profitable gain?

That is where uniformity has great value. Health and Safety Guidelines could benefit from universal signage that provides employees and patrons with consistent images (like the “EXIT” sign) that can be recognized anywhere. Examples of directional aids that could benefit from this kind of uniformity are signs for mask requirement, sanitizer stations, restrooms, customer service and checkout lanes.

Advertisements, sales, promotions or other unique pieces of information on the other hand benefit greater from non-uniformity. The use for digital signage for one and not the other may be a useful tool in identifying which medium serves which goal the best.