The education market for digital signage is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7% between 2019-2025 according to a Market Expert24 report.

We discussed 3 Reasons Your School Should Use Digital Signs back in 2018 where we discussed how digital signs were excellent at keeping parents up-to-date, allowed for quick updates across all screens and could motivate students.

In conjunction with these reasons school should be using digital signs, here are some additional uses of digital signage in the education arena:

Direct Traffic. When there is a large event, digital signs can act as a wayfinding system to direct people to various areas of the event. Helping direct the flow of traffic will help ensure a seamless transition from area to area for guests and keep them happy.

Convey schedule changes. It happens to even the best laid plans. Schedules change. That information needs to be conveyed to attendees and ticket-holders in a timely fashion. Digital signs can help distribute the information for people who have already arrived to the event.

Announce Job Fairs & Extracurricular Activities. High school and college campuses have various type of job fairs and extracurricular activities. Having a way to announce these upcoming events to the community are a great use of digital signage announcement features.

Cafeteria Menu Updates. Remember the square pizza slices in the cafeteria?! Daily menu changes can be announced via digital signage. The signage can also display calorie count changes and keep up-to-date with changes required by menu labeling laws. Disney does an amazing job with this feature. Their digital menus rotate between food items for sale and comical character animations to keep people’s attention.