Some businesses have started taking temperature of patrons with a digital thermometer. The receptionist who has to take the temperature is near inches away from the person entering the building. If this person was infected with COVID-19, the receptionist is now at risk. In an effort to eliminate the need for the receptionist to take the temperature, technology has stepped up.

Some corporations have implemented screening devices that read a persons body heat to determine if the person is sick upon entering the building. If the scan shows the person is too hot they are stopped and removed from the building. However, not all businesses have the infrastructure to implement such robust technology. A smaller scale solution comes in digital format. Upon entering the building, patrons stand in front of a digital kiosk which reads their temperature. They are then either allowed to move forward into the building or asked to wait and try again. If their temperature is still too high, they will be directed not to enter the building.

Today’s technology has allowed us to put in protocols to ensure everybody safety on a higher scale than we’ve ever seen before. What is your office building doing to protect employees and customers?

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