One of the best things about digital signage is its’ ability to change at any point in the day. With Covid-19, the world has rapidly had to evolve in ways that were unplanned. One of those ways is by incorporating traditional and digital signage at all points of entry and throughout venues. It is required that all locations maintain 6 feet of social distancing throughout their facility and maintain varying amounts of capacity within their building. By using digital signage at the point of entry, a business can quickly let incoming customers know if the building is at capacity without having the additional labor cost of employing somebody to stand at the doorway.

Signage can let people know that it’s unsafe to come inside at that moment and then change when it is acceptable for more people to enter the building. Digital signage can also act as reminders for maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask properly, and other rules and regulations that may change rapidly from day to day.

During these times, it is important for every business, no matter what size, to be able to modify their business plans and strategies to incorporate the ever-changing laws. This will help to ensure businesses will be able to maintain operations to the fullest capacity possible. If you are in need of traditional, or digital signage, Diablo Valley Signs is ready and available to provide you with the tools necessary for operation at all capacities. Contact DVS today.