Technology today has many benefits, especially during this pandemic. People didn’t have computers, cell phones, or any advanced technology to quickly spread information during the Spanish Flu of 1918. With that said, we are very fortunate to have technology, like digital signage, internet and social media to keep us informed at this time of need.

Since we need to keep our distance with each other, and take all precautions necessary, video conferencing has connected us with our friends and family. It has even brought teachers and students together via distance learning, and many companies use video conferencing to conduct meetings. Some digital signage companies have offered their education tools and app softwares complimentary, which has really helped with schools and businesses in need. Staying connected is so important right now.

Sometimes, you will need to jump in your car and run an errand. Seeing tips on a digital sign about washing your hands for 20 seconds, a reminder to wear a mask or temporary store hours and business closings would keep us in the know.

While many people work from home, there are still lots of people who are essential, and need to go to work. Digital signage may prove to be essential as well in their work environments. Employees might need reminders to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, or health and safety updates as they pass digital displays throughout the building. With so much going on in their minds, constant reminders are helpful. Thank goodness for technology!