September 19, 2017

Don't Be Lazy - Boost Your Digital Content!

Adding digital signage to your business can increase sales and improve the reach of your promotions. While you can continue using traditional, static signs in addition to your new digital signs - it is important to remember that each one has unique features. Those features require various types of content.

Tip: Don't just use your static sign images on your digital platform!

Create new content for your digital signs and check how it looks before going live. Sit in various areas of your building and take note of how the content POPs of the screen - or could use tweaking to improve performance. Remember, digital allows movement - not just static images.

Tip: Think about ways to get people to interact with your content

Adding charging stations near your digital signs can draw customer's attention to your screens. The longer a person sits near the screens, the longer they have to see all the promotions and interesting information about your business.

Screens could also include a game or wayfinding information for guests to interact with. This can also be a way to improve key metric data by determining how long guest's are interacting with your content.

What are alternate ways you can engage customers with your digital information?

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September 5, 2017

Digital Menu Board

When making the move to digital menu boards, one area that provides companies a challenge is the logistics of setting them up.

First, companies need to communicate the changes throughout the organization to ensure every department, and person, is on the same page as to the intentions of the menu boards. Communication is vital to keeping errors to a minimum while producing targeted, and branded, content for the digital menu boards. Once content is produced, the organization can begin the stages of implementation.

Large organizations should run pilot tests to identify areas of concern during the initial phases of implementation to ensure perfect execution when the digital menu boards are set to go live.

Having a dedicated, and experienced company to walk you through the process is vital to creating a targeted campaign with seamless implementation - BLR Sign Systems can help. Contact BLR today.


August 29, 2017

Taco John’s Reports Sales increase after Menu-board Test

Taco John's has been adding new menu boards in-store and at the drive-thru and testing new designs since January, 2014. They have announced a 12% increase in EZ Combo Meals since converting to digital menu boards. The new menus have two panels and have simplified the ordering process for guests.

“Our guests love the new visuals on our drive-thru and interior menu boards,” Renée Middleton, vice president of marketing, said in the release. “It really simplifies the menu, catches their eye and brings more attention to the Taco John’s EZ Combos.”

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August 22, 2017

Cincinnati Airport Goes LED

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has recently received an upgrade to LED displays. Originally the airport was considering using traditional video wall displays, but found that by using LED they were able to have a quick installation with lightweight materials. The LED system allowed for a simpler programming process with a single display compared to video wall software and hardware.

The displays run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and bring in revenue so timing was extremely important. The displays were able to be installed in only 3 days!

With a successful installation, the airport is now considering the ability to use LED technology on curved walls that were originally only thought to house static signs. The project has opened up a world of possibilities for the airport.

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August 15, 2017

Let's Get Phygital

August 8, 2017

Weather-Proof Your Outside Digital Menu Displays

The weather can be damaging to outdoor digital menu displays - so why not dress it up?!

Based on your business' location, you can dress up your outdoor digital menu display in a variety of ways. For locations where it gets extremely hot outside, housing the equipment with an air conditioning unit can help regulate the temperature based on the outside temperature. However, in areas where it is only warm - a fan can accommodate your needs.

Some businesses choose to use 'plenum chambers' to ventilate the outdoor digital menu display. A plenum chamber is a type of ventilation system that uses air pressure to forces the air to move out - and then is replaced with fresh air from outside the chamber. These systems allow displays to cool and provide extra protection from water.


August 1, 2017

Storytelling Vs. Facts

Facts tell and stories sell.

During the ICX Summit, a hot topic with panelists was how to use digital signage to tell a story, engage customers and improve ROI.Jaime Bettencourt, Senior Vice President of Premier Sales and Account Management at Mood Media focused on making customers feel like a part of the story. She referenced Yeti and how their products can stand up to tough outdoor situations and deployed a five screen video wall called "The Wild Ones." This video wall features several adventurers which use the Yeti products. Although the displays only showcase a picture of the adventurers, they will subtly move their heads when customers approach them to look at them. You can watch the full session here.


July 13, 2017

6 Rules for Digital Signage Copy

Mvix created an infographic outlining 6 Simple Rules of Great Copy Content for digital signage. 

July 5, 2017

Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit

The Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit will be held July18-20, 2017 in London.  During the summit, there will be a panel session on "How Big Name Brands Are Using the Latest Tech to Drive Sales" where they will discuss digital menu boards and other technologies.  Learn more at:


June 27, 2017

Cut Waiting Room Distress!

Think about the last time you were in a waiting room for a doctor appointment or office meeting. How long were you in the waiting room - and how long did it FEEL like you were in the waiting room? Chances are it felt like you were sitting in the waiting room longer than you actually were.

Perceived waiting time is generally more than the actual time - but that time tends to feel like torture! Digital signage is now being used to help reduce the perceived wait time. Here's some items an office could display on their digital signage:

  • Welcome message
  • Check-in instructions
  • Approximate wait times
  • Building directory and navigation information
  • Staff recognition
  • Promotions
  • General information about the business


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