3 Easy Design Tips: When You’re Not a Designer

Here are quick handy rules to keep in mind when creating content for your digital signage and interactive kiosk – even if you’re not a graphic designer!

3×5 RULE



A clean design is optimal for your customers to easily view the content available on the screen.  Use the 3×5 rule when it comes to text:

Use 3 lines of text of 5 words each OR 5 lines of text of 3 words each




Keep your font choices to a minimum of 2!  Using multiple font types can make it difficult for customers to read the screen.  Large text and bold letters help allow people to read the text for a distance, so keep the amount of content to a minimum.



Before hitting the launch button, preview the design you’ve created.  Consider how far the customer will be from the screen, the lighting in the area they will view from and the length of time each screen will remain active.