Every state, county and business type has had its own timeline for opening during the pandemic. Once you’ve been given the green light to open your doors and allow employees and our customers into your location, there’s work to be done! We all wish it could be as simple as open the doors and let the people in, but we’re also still dealing with the pandemic and must ensure to comply with CDC and WHO guidelines and keep people safe.

Here’s some basic things you want to do for the business location before allowing people in:

  1. Check cleaning supply levels to ensure you have enough based on foot traffic estimates.  Securing enough cleaning supplies for a duration of time will be vital in the event that supplies are low due to demand and unable to be received quickly.
  2. Inspect the building for any damage or issues caused by the quick shutdown. Think about:
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Water Systems
    • Potable Water
    • Fire Safety Systems
  3. Check the HVAC system! Your HVAC system is responsible for the air going through the building. I’ll filter should be replaced, UV light should be used to kill bacteria and germs inside the unit if possible, coils should all be cleaned. This will help allow a fresh start without (or with less) bacteria and that has built up over time to.
  4. Secure your opening signage to follow CDC Guidelines. We previously provided a checklist of signage you’ll want to consider based on your business type: COVID 19 Signage for Returning to the Workplace